Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can Jay Cutler Become an Elite QB with Brandon Marshall in Chicago?

During his time with the Denver Broncos, Jay Cutler was considered to be a quarterback on the rise in the NFL with a bright future. Despite vastly improving season after season, the relationship between Cutler and the Broncos’ front office hit a snag and was no longer what would be considered civil after the firing of Mike Shanahan and the hiring of Josh McDaniels.

Shortly after the hiring of McDaniels, Cutler asked to be traded and that wish was granted by the Broncos dealing him to the Chicago Bears. This move was extremely questionable for the Broncos as they received Kyle Orton in return and basically traded away the face of the franchise in exchange for a mediocre gunslinger.
Not long after Cutler left the Mile High City in favor of the Windy City, his favorite target in the Broncos’ offense in wide receiver Brandon Marshall was also on his way out. After landing with the Miami Dolphins, Marshall was trying to turn over a new leaf, but had similar success to his former teammate as they both struggled in new surroundings.

After two seasons apart, Jay Culter and Brandon Marshall have been reunited in the Windy City. Over the last two seasons, Cutler has found it hard to get this Bears’ offense going with a weak offensive line and no go-to guys downfield. Now that Marshall is in the mix in Chicago, Cutler finally has the option in the receiving corps he has been looking for.

Not only is Marshall a serious upgrade to the receiving corps for the Bears, but Cutler has a great chance to turn back into an elite quarterback in the league. There is no telling whether or not this revisited combination will be the answer to the Bears’ problems offensively, but chances are they will be much better all-around team next season.

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall Highlights

Back in the Mile High City, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall were arguably one of the best quarterback/wide receiver combinations in the NFL. Even though both of these Pro Bowlers have attitudes and chips on their shoulders, the talent of these two veterans is undeniable.

Not only are Cutler and Marshall about as talented as a it gets in the league, but now they are back together once again and might be exactly what the Chicago Bears need to put them over the top in the highly competitive NFC North division.

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall Highlights

Is Brandon Marshall the Missing Piece to the Puzzle for the Bears?

After Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback Jay Cutler went down for the season last year, the Chicago Bears were basically knocked out of playoff contention in the NFC Conference. Before Cutler suffered the season-ending injury, the Bears were a force to be reckoned with in the NFC North and might have been able to defend their division title with their starting QB at the helm.

One of the missing pieces to the puzzle for the Chicago Bears ever since the acquisition of Jay Cutler has been the serious lack of a go-to wide receiver for their new franchise quarterback. The Bears have tried their luck with the lightening quick Devin Hester. Even though Hester had some success running routes and becoming a somewhat viable option downfield, the Bears never saw him turn into the weapon in the receiving corps they were expecting.

With that being said, the Chicago Bears have been on the lookout for the right addition to the receiving corps to make Jay Cutler’s job that much easier and the offense that much more dynamic. With running back Matt Forte getting better and better with every season and the Bears signing Michael Bush to back him up, there was a bit void downfield but that may have been filled with an offseason trade for perennial Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall.

Back with the Denver Broncos, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall became one of the most dominant one-two quarterback/receiver duos in the NFL. Now that the two have teamed up for another go around in the Windy City, the Chicago Bears will without a doubt be a legitimate force to be reckoned with coming into next season.